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Top 6 Patio Styles to Match Your Personality

Top 6 Patio Styles to Match Your Personality

From sophisticated downtown balconies to sweeping suburban backyards, show off your outdoor style. The best patio ideas combine flair and functionality. You can swing away the afternoon in a hammock, or sip cocktails with the neighbors around a chic bistro set. Keep reading to find the deck and patio furnishings that bring out the best in your home.


Modern Patio Ideas: Understated Elegance

Modern decor centers clean lines and a minimalist flavor. Think crisp angles, streamlined designs, and uncomplicated textures. Industrial materials like metal and concrete give modern patio furniture its unmistakable style.


An aluminum bistro table is the perfect place to swipe through your tablet for the latest news. Slip a set of wireless outdoor speakers behind concrete planters to provide the soundtrack for your next dinner party. Metal wall decor or funky, angular lighting can personalize your modern patio. Look for a cool, neutral palette and dress it up with flashes of color or even metallic accents.


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Bohemian Patio Ideas: Casual Luxury

Revel in color and texture when you dress up your patio in bohemian style. Boho patio furniture showcases rich earth tones and textured details. Inspired by global design, your most free-spirited ideas can take flight.


Layered rugs and bright floor poufs let you create a comfy nest anywhere on your patio. A market umbrella adds instant boho flair to an open patio. You can soften your pergola with fluttering fabric or fringey drapes, or treat yourself to strings of fairy lights to complete your boho patio design. Kick back and relax in a wicker hanging chair, and wrap up in a jewel-toned throw while you rest on embroidered cushions.


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Coastal Patio Ideas: Natural Peace

For a peaceful, relaxed vibe, it’s hard to outdo the coastal patio. Coastal patio design creates a tranquil atmosphere. From sipping your morning coffee to nibbling your way through a lunchtime salad, it’s perfect for private time.


The coastal palette is muted and tranquil, awash in soft greys and sandy neutral tones. A few bold, horizontal stripes or a pop of cool, intense color, like navy blue or emerald green, can give your space a nautical look. Think worn and weathered accents with a natural vibe: driftwood, chunky netting, or dangling seashells. Heap your planters with rounded river rocks for a maintenance-free natural look. Don’t be shy to show off your own beach souvenirs, from shells to photographs.


Surround yourself with lightweight, breezy materials like wicker and cotton. For example, hang up swing seats and hammock chairs. They were absolutely made for coastal patios to rock to your heart’s content. Bring out the beachy vibe with other subtle sand-washed textures like stone and sea glass. You can get to know the neighbors with a classic crab boil on an easy-to-clean glass table.


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Farmhouse Patio Ideas: Classic Appeal

Farmhouse patio furniture is the perfect complement for backyard barbecues and post-game picnics. Focusing on time-tested construction and soft, subtle neutral shades, it evokes the old-fashioned. Accentuate your farmhouse patio with distressed textures for homespun comfort. Try weathered shelves or a wrought iron side table to personalize your space.


Want a more rural feel? Load up on farmhouse decor, like wooden boxes, watering cans, or reclaimed metal tubs. Fill them with herbs and flowers to surround yourself with greenery. You can mix and match patio styles with shabby chic and vintage accessories. A long table with checkered linens and a mason jar full of flowers is just right for family meals outside.


Our guide to Farmhouse Patio Ideas can help you take the style a step further.


Mid-Century Modern Patios: Glamour with a Twist

The mid-century modern patio is just right for sunny decks and carefree weekends. Think casual and relaxed: contrast bright colors with pale wood and low-slung silhouettes. Cushions in coral, lime green, or yellow give your patio instant retro cred. You can cool down your look with a set of chairs in mint green or powder pink.


Look for splayed-leg chairs and sprawling chaise lounges. Slatted wood or aluminum frames capture the breezy vibe of mid-century patio furniture. So whether you’re sipping cocktails on a sectional sofa or tossing a Frisbee, it’s perfect for families and young adults alike.


Skip the side tables. Instead, arrange your chairs around a broad coffee table for sociable snacking. Or opt for a firepit to create a warm, inviting ambiance. With low, rounded designs, they blend seamlessly with the mid-century modern vibe. Set up a projector and an outdoor screen to catch up on nostalgic reruns while the kids chase fireflies.


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Rustic Patio Ideas: Rough-Hewn Charm

Welcoming and informal, rustic patio decor takes you back to the basics. Rustic patio furniture is perfect for busy families, thanks to sturdy construction that stands up to rambunctious kids and pets. From stone floors to rough-hewn furniture, natural imperfections and irregularity rule the day.


Concentrate on simple, rugged furniture and heavily distressed surfaces. The emphasis is on natural materials. Look for water-resistant woods like cedar, teak, or acacia to keep your furniture safe. Burlap fabric and flour-sack cushions put an old-timey spin on your patio design. Reclaimed wood and vintage-inspired accessories are a must for the rustic look. Try distressed metal or wooden planters with tall grass or lush herbs. A stony firepit or outdoor fireplace adds the perfect touch for winter afternoons or s’mores on a summer evening.


To complete your rustic patio design, light votive candles in mason jars to brighten an evening meal. You can stash family games like darts or checkers in a wooden storage box to keep kids and guests entertained. See our guide to Rustic Patio Ideas for even more style suggestions.