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For a clean and bold minimalist space, try Modern interior design. This forward-thinking style makes use of straight lines, open space, and industrial materials to give your home an unmistakably modern edge. Characterized by sleek low-profile furniture, a neutral color palette, and its use of glass and metal in furniture and decor, Modern style is an exercise in restraint and sophistication. If you prefer a functional space with a simple and stylish appeal, then Modern furniture and decor will fit right in with your picture-perfect home.

Tips & Inspiration

Modern Interior Design Ideas

Modern design was initially a response to the complicated and ornate styles that came before it. Modern rejects the curved lines and heavy textures of the Renaissance and Victorian styles in favor of the sleek, straight, and simple.

Top 5 Modern Bench Styles

The bench has evolved from just being a fashion afterthought to becoming the main focus of a room. The look and feel of today's modern benches range from bold to simple, and if you're looking for something with a modern twist, you shouldn't have too much trouble