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OVERSTOCK.COM’S POLICY AND COMMITMENT TO HELP ERADICATE HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND SLAVERY FROM OUR SUPPLY CHAIN., Inc. believes in, and strives to bring about the eradication of human trafficking and slavery worldwide. Specifically, we are committed to the elimination of all forms of forced or compulsory labor, and other highly abusive labor practices in our supply chain.

The following is Overstock’s commitment and statement of practices in accordance with this policy:

Overstock evaluates the product supply chains of our major suppliers. We contractually require that suppliers comply with all applicable laws and other legal requirements.

Overstock reserves the right to verify our supplier’s compliance with applicable laws, including the obligation to avoid all forms of forced, or compulsory labor, and other highly abusive labor practices, whether or not these practices amount to a violation of the law in the locality of the supplier.

We have the option to and do audit suppliers to evaluate compliance and product manufacturing standards and, specifically, for adherence to this policy. Such audits may be conducted by third parties and are often unannounced. We do not currently require certification or other forms of supplier compliance attestation.

Should Overstock become aware of any violation of law by an employee or supplier in the production and supply of material purchased, including, in our judgment, any evidence of forced, or compulsory labor, and other highly abusive labor practices, Overstock has the right to terminate any such employee or supplier agreement.

Overstock is looking for ways to strengthen its policies and practices requiring its employees and suppliers to comply with all applicable laws. We train company employees and management who are directly responsible for our supply chain to examine our supply chain practices, and those of our suppliers, to assure compliance with this policy.